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Converging / Segregating-1, 2008 Staple Pins and Glue

The experiences of her metropolitan living, the construction of new built forms and changing urban spatiality has been instrumental in shaping Pooja Iranna’s sensibilities. “I walk to find my own way, and discover my spaces as I walk, trying to find myself.” The poetics of labour and the process of layering are central to Iranna’s art practice. Seems quite likely that she stumbled upon staple pins as her new material while drawing grids of blocks in her drawings on transparent sheets. It took her about a year and a half to figure out how the staple pins could work for her. Her sculptures belie the fragility of their size and material to take on pyramidal and spiral forms, even curved forms, which are difficult to imagine keeping the limitations of the ready-made material in hand.

These homogenizing structures retain a dormant tension of disintegration at the slightest provocation. They also highlight an emptiness, a flattening of cultural diversity. Converging/ Segregating-1, 2008 conjures a maquette of a building, that would arguably represent units from a futuristic city.