crisis care catharsis


Untitled, 2007 Acrylic and fabric on canvas 

A nocturnal cityscape with a row of residential buildings foregrounded by an unworldly luminous tree captivates the viewers to the untitled large painting by Jagannath Panda. The glittering brocade that partially adorns his works is used to accentuate what we willingly overlook. Here the barren dying tree has been covered with a richly decorated golden silk fabric. A desolate ambience with sparrows disoriented and restlessly fluttering while the city seems asleep with no human presence. The birds are viewed as protagonists of an apocalyptic play, where semi-lit, dark or illuminated glass windows of the backdrop building evoke a surreal mood. The work draws attention to a relevant issue, as how the urban and industrial bearings against the natural put an impasse on the strained equilibrium that most cities struggle to maintain, between loss of natural habitat and massive urbanization.