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Masterplan, 2012 Digital Print

In the paradoxically titled Masterplan, Vivan Sundaram continues with his preoccupation with the notion of ‘land’ and its changing relations with human civilization. Striking a dialogue between a dystopian future and ontology of ruins and residue, he unravels the many facets of urbanisation through his characteristic dark humour. This monumental digital print from Sundaram’s Trash-series was made in his studio at Delhi’s Aya Nagar. He created this junkyard city using non-biodegradable waste and un-recycled materials among many other unconventional objects, and photographed it from above, producing the map of what seemed to be like an abandoned ghost town. An ingenious assemblage of plastic waste, discarded wires, and rusted nails; Sundaram’s archive of rubble and ruin creates a sublime yet defiled, contemplative yet playful image of a derelict metropolis. In the final digital collage, the broken brick-like layouts raised a graph at the corner of the print, creating the visual allusions of plinths of demolished buildings or monuments.