crisis care catharsis


8’ X 12’, 2009 Aluminium sheets, car scrap, enamel paint, plastic sheets, found objects, m-seal, resin and hardware material

The title 8’x12’ suggests the average size of a slum house in Dharavi, in Mumbai, now declared as one of the largest slums in the world.  Aluminium sheets, car scraps, enamel paint, tarpaulin, pieces of cheap plastic and metal, and other found objects that the artist collected from the Dharavi area are assembled to construct this structure of shiny and multi-coloured tiny dwellings.

Approximately nine square metre in scale, the installation is an enclosure that invites the viewer to step in and to experience up close, the cramped feeling evoked by this high density structure and character of the slum, captured as if from an aerial view. The precariousness of these closely packed housing units of this ever-expanding slum highlight its vulnerability and awaited threats, but also its productive and creative energies that promise sustenance and survival.