Boy and the World

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Boy and the World

Original Title - O Menino e o Mundo

Brazil – 2013- 80 minutes - Animation

Director-  Ale Abreu

Age Recommendation – 12 and above

Film Genre – Animation feature



The entire film is told with very little dialogue and what dialogue there is, is actually Brazilian Portuguese spoken backward.

Cuca lives a very simple and blissful life with his parents, playing in the forests and interacting with the animals and listening to sounds that are represented by glowing balls of light. One day Cuca's father leaves by train to find work, saddening Cuca with the nostalgia of playing with his mom and dad. Feeling that he will never be happy again, Cuca leaves with a large suitcase that contains only a picture of him and his parents. While waiting for the train, a sudden gust of wind lifts him up carrying him far away to a world that appears to have two moons.

The film is Cuca’s various journeys to find his father. It is also a journey in to the state of our civilisation.


The film's worldwide premiere occurred at the Ottawa International Animation Festival where it won an Honourable Mention for Best Animated Feature "Because it was full of some of the most beautiful images we've ever seen. It also earned an honorable mention at the Festival do Rio and won the Youth Award at the Mostra de Cinema de São Paulo.At the Festival de Cinema de Animação de Lisboa, it won the Best Film Award.At the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, it won the Cristal Award for Best Feature Film, and was voted the favorite film by the audience.In 2015, at Animafest Zagreb, the film won the Grand Prix for feature film. The jury stated that they have awarded the film because it uses innovative artwork, combines both political and emotional feelings, that took them on a colorful trip.In 2016, Boy and the World won the 43rd Annie Awards for Best Animated Feature-Independent.


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