As a cultural institution we have an active engagement programmes with the school or college students, and a wide network of other educational institutions. Over the years we have earned many nicknames such as Hathi wala museum (the ‘elephant museum’ after Bharti’s Kher large fibreglass sculpture) or Taj Mahal wala museum (after Sudarshan Shetty’s work installation made of over 250 miniature Taj Mahals ) given by the young school-goers who love visiting us.

Students’ visits to KNMA include guided walkthroughs, workshops, story-telling sessions, and conversation-based exercises to push their imagination and understanding beyond what they learn in art classes. We use exhibitions as a starting point to encourage these young minds to ask more questions and even more so that they discover the answers themselves: How do artists tell stories? How does what they see inside a museum reflect the world they live in? Why is abstraction more difficult than realistic painting? How is a book illustration also art? KNMA’s art educators design individual and collaborative exercises for the students to inculcate interdisciplinary learning and thinking.

Contact us to join our art and craft workshops, special workshops designed according to current exhibitions, story-telling sessions, and reading exercises of famous artists like K. G. Subramanyan’s books written for children, and many more exciting things. This is an opportunity for children and young adults who are book lovers to meet others like them, discover how literature and visual arts are interlinked, and nurture a love for both.

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Beyond Books

16th and 23rd July, 2022

A workshop for educators that makes a conscious attempt to evolve newer ways of learning and thinking by integrating the existing curriculum with Stories... Read More

World Autism Awareness Month


12 April, New Delhi Kiran Nadar Museum of Art is commemorating World Autism Awareness Month, a month dedicated to understanding, accepting, and... Read More

Arts in Pedagogy


In collaboration with Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, KNMA is curating a six-month curriculum titled Arts in Pedagogy for their B.El.Ed students. The course... Read More

Outreach|Walkthroughs & Discussion

As a part of outreach activities in the month of September, the curatorial team of the museum organised walkthroughs, workshops and discussions across a varied... Read More

Kala-Kshetra Art Program - Embracing the Future Teachers

Kala-Kshetra is a unique initiative of Kiran NAdar Museum of Art aimed at empowering the teachers of tomorrow to use Art and it's... Read More

Curated Visit

Students attend various curated walks and engage in discourse relating to the current shows on display at the Museum. 

The Museum Educators have been instrumental in taking these... Read More

Interactive workshops based on the Current Exhibition

The Interactive workshops include a walkthrough at the Museum and lively discussions are carried out with the students based on the works of... Read More

Art and Craft workshops

The Museum encourages children to get initiated in art making through workshops on various art and craft techniques. The painting classes, include an introduction to various mediums like... Read More



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