Kids and Family

KNMA seeks to generate spaces where children and their families can explore art together through hands on activities, gallery trails and story telling sessions. The Museum aspires to become a locus for such activities where parents can bring their children on weekends or after school for educational yet fun filled excursions.

The workshops include interactive programs for kids of all ages to participate. Children are encouraged through the sessions to get an initiation into the world of art through stimulating conversations, performances, art making and demonstrations. Kids encounter and get introduced to the world through stories on art history and by seeing varied art works ranging from historical to modern and contemporary art.

Programs include various ways of looking at the artwork, through a sensorial inquiry where they are asked to describe the work of art and the affect that the works create. Another way of contemplating is through the imagination by making up characters, themes and stories. Children engage in dialogues and sharing their views among their peers.

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Game Craft

With schools and offices still mostly virtual, and with many people opting to continue staying at home, the uptick in digital activities continues. Home crafting workshops are gaining popularity and attracting not just children but also young adults who are looking to stay busy and enjoy perfecting new skills. Keeping this in... Register

Theatre Workshop Series

‘Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in association with Rahul Khanna’s Education Through Theatre presents a 3 day workshop series on Theatre to commemorate World Theatre Day .

Theatre Workshop Series

24, 25... Register

Dvaya Kala

A Confluence of Visual and Performing Art

16, 23, 30 January 2021

‘Dvaya Kala, a confluence of visual and performing arts’ is an innovative programme exploring various styles of folk art and classical dance forms.

... Register

The Art Quest

A Series of Workshops Recreating Masterworks

5th December – 26th December 2020 | 4 Pm Onwards

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art presents ‘The Art Quest’, an interactive series of online workshops to guide and engage participants in making a... Register

Open Studio Saturdays

These workshops take place every Saturday and are among the most popular programs at the Museum. Parents bring in their kids and children from the local community are encouraged to get initiated in art making through workshops on various art and craft techniques. Some of these techniques include Shadow Art, Kite Making,... Register




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