Drawing With Thread

Step into the contemporary realm of stitching as we explore a fresh vocabulary of thread artistry. With a minimalist palette of black thread, we'll weave a stitch journal over four engaging modules. Designed for beginners, this journey will redefine your connection with the urban, digital world, encouraging you to slow down and express your feelings through the language of stitch.

Module 1: Unleashing Creativity (November 29, 2023, 3-7 pm)
In this session, we'll kickstart creativity with spontaneous drawing exercises using pen, charcoal, and graphite. These drawings, capturing the essence of your inner child, will then be carefully chosen and translated onto fabric with thread, setting the stage for the upcoming modules.

Module 2: Stitching Expressions (November 30, 2023, 3-7 pm)
Building on the spontaneous drawings, we'll delve into stitching, utilizing different stitches and techniques to bring your creations to life. This hands-on module will explore fabric collage, adding layers to your stitched narratives.

Module 3: Directing Thread on Fabric (December 13, 2023, 3-7 pm)
Transitioning from sketches, we'll draw directly on fabric using thread. Limited stitches, unconventional embroidery methods, and creative exercises will further elevate your artistic expressions. The theme remains black and white, offering a contemporary twist to your creations.

Module 4: Stitch Journal Culmination (December 14, 2023, 3-7 pm)
Concluding the workshop, we'll assemble your thread sketches into a unique stitch journal. Whether portraying portraits, interiors, plants, or other inspirations, this module encapsulates the culmination of your stitching journey.

By the end of this workshop, you'll not only possess a captivating insight into your creative spirit but also a personalized vocabulary of stitch. Your stitch journal will serve as a testament to your exploration and pave the way for deeper investigations into the world of embroidery. Join us for an enriching experience of self-discovery and artistic expression with renowned teacher and fiber artist, Gopika Nath.

Date : 29 November, 30 November, 13 December, 14 December 2023
Time : 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Venue : KNMA, Noida

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