Mark Making through Sight, Sound and Colour

Workshop using Water Colours and Audio

Facilitated by Devika Sundar

04 March 2022, 3:00pm to 6:00 pm

Part of the Methods Series

Mark Making through Sight, Sound and Colour

Mark making describes the gestural language of lines, dots, marks, patterns, and textures created in an artwork. Through this three-hour long online workshop, we explore mark making through pen and watercolour - softly listening, recording and responding to the spaces and sounds surrounding us. Experimenting with freeing, loosening watercolour techniques and exercises, we interpret shifting moods through music and audio - exploring quick, sensory expressions and exchanges with line, print, texture, and colour.

The workshop is open to all participants who are 18 years and above. The session will take place on Zoom.

Materials required:

Sketchbook A4 size or A4 sheets (Preferably cartridge or watercolour paper), watercolour set - cakes or tubes, round brush - Size 8 / 10, small bowl for water, palette or an old plate for mixing colours, pen, pencil and a compass or a round shaped object/ cup to trace a circular form.

Found Materials for Textures and Prints: Cotton, tissue, discarded plastic, mesh, used or empty medicine tablet strips, earbuds, bubble wrap, sponge, loofah, salt, old toothbrush and dried leaves, flowers, sticks and stones.

Keep ready: Any found audio recording (Examples: could be sound recordings of rain, waves at sea, leaves rustling, wind blowing, fan whirring, kitchen sounds, tap water running, people talking / laughing, etc).

And a song/ track that you found yourself recurrently listening to through lockdown / over the last year.

Devika Sundar’s artistic practice shifts across different mediums, threading elements of collage, painting, and printmaking with photography, assemblage and installation. Exploring art as a restorative, meditative medium and outlet, she expresses collective themes of invisibility, illness, memory and impermanence within personal and shared human experience. Devika is an Inlaks Fine Art Awardee 2020, awarded by the Inlaks Shivdasani foundation and a Prince Claus Fund Seed Award Recipient 2021. Currently she is curating "Bodies. at Sea" - a proposed archives project and exhibition with Studio Slip and NCBS (The National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore).

Parallel to her practice, Devika founded and facilitates Hanno Terrace studio - A collective, outdoor open studio, intended to facilitate art as a therapeutic medium of release and outlet for children and adults from diverse backgrounds. Extending themes explored within her individual practice, she develops these into an accessible and inclusive language through dialogic art group workshops and personalised exercises conducted at the studio.

Methods: A series of artist led medium workshops organised by KNMA

The force driving at the crux of the segment has been to re-examine the mandate of a medium centric ‘workshop’ and looks beyond the usual format of craft-hobby workroom sessions. At the heart of each session is a chosen artist with their unique style of expression and fashioned in an actively interactive module of facilitator-participant format. This KNMA series highlights how the paradigmatic shifts in contemporary art making need to be registered at individual levels and not merely as institutional applied skill dissemination. The workshop opens up room for both artists and non-artists as well as keen learners to interact with practitioners from a wide spectrum of styles and media to reimagine the tools and raw material for art making - ranging from drawings, maps, personal memories to printing techniques to textual excerpts to found or broken objects, just to name a few.

Module curators: Neha Tickoo and Madhurima Chaudhuri.



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