Material Encounters

Lecture by Anke Mellin

28 September 2022 | 6:00 pm onwards

Venue: KNMA Saket

“As climate crises, pandemics and war change our lives, we find ourselves fundamentally rethinking the value systems of the last century. Today, we are called to broaden our perspective to countries and regions, to form new cultural solidarities, and to cultivate the kind of imagination that transforms civilizations. At the same time, we must also rethink the role of art and society as a whole at this time when human influence on the world order has increased so much. How can we overcome the complex entanglements of the existing geopolitical framework and move toward a more sustainable, liberated, and deliberate future?

The exhibition project "CONNECTED-CONNECTEDNESS" at ONKAF Gallery, Delhi, tries its hand at sustainable curating: practically with less air travel, with few physical loans, without a printed catalogue, and with exhibition elements from previous exhibitions. It offers discussion on ecology, nature and new forms of knowledge generation to address the biggest challenge of today's world, climate change in the Anthropocene era. And it offers discussion about the question about „what happens when you plan and put together an exhibition? To begin, one calculates the amount of carbon emitted at each step of creating an exhibition.”
- Anke Mellin

The event has been curated as a collaborative effort initiated by KNMA with Ministry of Culture and Media, Hamburg – Germany and Gallery ONKAF, New Delhi.

Anke Mellin, visual artist and curator (born 1941) lives and works in Neuenkirchen and Hamburg, began her training studying Fine Art and eventually specialized in Anthropology (1981) from University of Hamburg, Germany. From 1980-1999 she was lecturer for VHS (German Adult Educational Institution) and other educational institutions for continual courses on Non-European-Cultures and Development-Aid-Policy, especially African Cultures. Anke Mellin's practice develops at physical sites and the environment that can pose a creative challenge, leading her on to find a solution. She communicates with the earth that has been damaged. Her field of work has emerged as Land Art, At-Site Installations, Interventions, Documentary Filming. She has exhibited her works across the globe and won several recognitions.



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