Open Studio Saturdays

Kids and Family

Open Studio Saturdays

These workshops take place every Saturday and are among the most popular programs at the Museum. Parents bring in their kids and children from the local community are encouraged to get initiated in art making through workshops on various art and craft techniques. Some of these techniques include Shadow Art, Kite Making, Photo Frames, Mask Making, Glass Painting, Paper Sculptures, Fabric Collage among numerous others facilitated by the Museum Educators.

  • 3D Bird Sculpture

    For nature and animal lovers we have prepared a new tutorial of bird. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Jamini Roy Painting

    Born in 1887 in a small village in Beliatore, Bankura district, West Bengal, Jamini Roy joined the Government School of Art, Kolkata in 1903. He began his career by painting in the Post-Impressionist genre of landscapes and portraits, very much in keeping with his training in a British academic system. He was an best known for combining traditional Indian and Western art styles to create unique, complex works.

  • Air Plant Hanger

    Spring is also a great season to revamp your house, so switch out some of your decor for these sleek copper hanging air plant holders. They only take ten minutes to construct! And don’t worry too much about the plants. Make beautiful planters to adorn your gardens by recycling plastic straws!

  • Tribal Mask

  • Mask is an object wore on face for performance or entertainment, disguise and protection. Mask portrays various moods like love, anger, hate, fear, fury, sorrow, joy etc. The ancient Latin word for mask is “Persona” means “False Face”. India has a huge range of decorative, festive and ceremonial mask

  • Flower Home Décor

    Paper flowers are also a great option for decorating parties , especially for making panels and centrepieces. And decorate the house and also the gift packaging .

  • Paper Coasters

    Coasters protect the surface of a table or any other surface where the user might place a drink, against moisture and stains. However, there’s no reason why we can’t make the coasters look good as well. In fact, they can be beautiful accessories on a table if you’re willing to spend some time making them look beautiful.

  • Woven Snowflake Ornaments

    Traditional Paper Stars were braided from copy paper into snow-white flakes. They expect an avid decorator to add a little more pearls and sparkle. They can be made by with plastic bags or paper from magazines or newspapers…or anything you can think of! It’s a nice kids crafts too

  • Phad Painting

    Phad painting is a style religious scroll painting and folk painting, practiced in Rajasthan state of India.[1][2] This style of painting is traditionally done on a long piece of cloth or canvas, known as phad. The narratives of the folk deities of Rajasthan, mostly of Pabuji and Devnarayan are depicted on the phads.We hope our Phad Painting session is as much fun as the previous ones!
    A great way to keep children engaged & spend quality time with!

  • Newspaper Craft

    A silhouette is the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single colour, usually black, with its edges matching the outline of the subject. The interior of a silhouette is featureless, and the silhouette is usually presented on a light background, usually white, or none at all. The silhouette differs from an outline, which depicts the edge of an object in a linear form, Silhouette images may be created in any visual artistic media, but were first used to describe pieces of cut paper, which were then stuck to a backing in a contrasting colour, and often framed.
    We hope making Newspaper Craft is as much fun as the previous ones! A great way to keep children engaged & spend quality time with!

  • Scratch Painting

    Scratch Painting is a unique manner of art in which the painter carves a drawing on a solid surface by scratching with sharp objects and then paints the image. The painter uses sharp-edged objects like toothpicks, scalpels, art knives, like, a pen knife and so on.
    This week we've talked about Indian artist Rameshwar Broota and his iconic artworks. Let’s try our hand at a DIY activity inspired by his art practices.

  • 3D Paper House

    This craft is suitable to design miniature houses for school projects and exhibition. Paper houses can be also used as decoration. You can keep it in your showcase and see how your friends like it. Some of my friends call it the "house inside a house." Learn the art of crafting cosy 3D houses using paper and bring your imagination to life from the comfort of your home!

  • Quilled Tricolor Badge

  • Abstract Portrait

  • Eco-friendly Ganesha


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