Qisse Khane aur Khilane Ke

A Workshop on Handmade Illustrated Books

Facilitated by BlueJackal

09 April 2022 | 2:00pm to 5:00 pm

Onsite workshop at KNMA Saket

Part of the Methods Series

Registration for this workshop is closed.

Qisse Khane aur Khilane Ke

Who is the diner, the maker, the gatherer, the cook? Who is the hunter and who is the prey? What is yummy and what is yucky? Who gets to eat the most and who the least? Gather your memories and get ready to cook up some stories!

This workshop focuses on creating handmade illustrated books while exploring oral folklore and stories revolving around food. This interactive workshop is discussion and activity-based. Participants will be encouraged to explore oral tales related to farming, foraging, hunting, fishing, cooking, eating and stories from the kitchen.

Interested and committed participants (18+) are expected to attend the entire duration of the workshop and take active part in the discussion. Art material and refreshments will be provided. Limited seats only.

BlueJackal is a platform for engaging with, creating and publishing visual narratives, comics, picture books and initiating dialogue and learning within these contexts through interactive programs. It is run by three core members, Shivangi Singh, Shefalee Jain and Lokesh Khodke and projects team member Sharvari Deshpande.

BlueJackal was born in 2015 of a desire for, as well as the ever receding possibility of, togetherness. We see coming together with all its temporariness, contradictoriness, conflict as well as possibilities. As writers, artists, researchers we have often felt compelled by and yet wary of what constitutes the 'limits' or the defining borders of our callings. We have realized both, the need to draw these strategic boundaries and the will to dissolve them. BlueJackal is a platform for exploring this conundrum in its creative, political and philosophical dimensions. We are interested in seeing what 'contamination' and 'cross breeding' through unforeseen associations can bring to this platform.

Methods: A series of artist led medium workshops organised by KNMA

The force driving at the crux of the segment has been to re-examine the mandate of a medium centric ‘workshop’ and looks beyond the usual format of craft-hobby workroom sessions. At the heart of each session is a chosen artist with their unique style of expression and fashioned in an actively interactive module of facilitator-participant format. This KNMA series highlights how the paradigmatic shifts in contemporary art making need to be registered at individual levels and not merely as institutional applied skill dissemination. The workshop opens up room for both artists and non-artists as well as keen learners to interact with practitioners from a wide spectrum of styles and media to reimagine the tools and raw material for art making - ranging from drawings, maps, personal memories to printing techniques to textual excerpts to found or broken objects, just to name a few.

Program curators: Neha Tickoo and Madhurima Chaudhuri



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