Terra Joys

A Unique Pottery Workshop Series

12 January – 2 February

One of the oldest human inventions, pottery has been around since before the Neolithic period, with objects dating as far back as 29,000 BC. It is the process of using clay to create vessels and other objects, which are then fired at high temperatures to harden them and make them durable for use. Major types of pottery include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

Terra Joys is an indigenous workshop series that will introduce the basics of pottery. The ancient clay craft of Ramgarh, Rajasthan will also be discussed. You will learn about the process from scratch, along with some essential technical details.

The workshop aims to give the participants a sense of the historic and current magnitude and impact of the craft. It will offer the unique experience of recreating the time and effort a craftsman puts into making a unique piece of art.

The workshop is led by Om Prakash Galav who is an expert potter with more than twenty-two years of experience. His expertise and passion for pottery has been passed down through many generations of his family. He has received many National and International Awards including two Limca Book Records and four Unique World Records. Promoting India’s handicrafts sector and showcasing this often overlooked skill while highlighting India’s contribution to this cottage industry has been an important part of his journey.  Join this series of workshops to expand your knowledge and hone a new skill.

Session 1 | Introduction and Process of Craft

In the very first workshop of our Terra Joys series, start your journey by understanding the art of Ramgarh Clay Pottery craftsman Mr. Om Prakash Galav, takes us through the history, tradition, and significance of the craft! Learn how to source clay and prepare it by wedging, which is when the clay is kneaded with a slight rotation that helps push out any air bubbles within the clay. Also gain an understanding of centering clay on the wheel.



Session 2 | Making Pottery on Wheel

In the second workshop of the Terra Joys series, we will understand the importance and the history of the wheel. Learn the techniques of using clay and how the clay is centred on the wheel as it turns. Observe the potter as he uses his fingers and thumb in opening the clay and give a beautiful texture and shape of the pottery.



Session 3 | Turning and Burnishing of the Pot

In this workshop of Terra Joys series, we will see how newly shaped articles are turned and burnished by rubbing the clay with a polished stone or other smooth object. This process is followed by the potters to make their pottery more watertight and smooth with glossy shine.

Session 4 | Hand Building Artwork and Firing

In the very last workshop of Terra Joys series , we will learn the simple techniques of clay works, using hands ,fingers and simple tools. As well as firing the clay artworks to make them more durable, as Mr. Om Prakash Galav explains the process in detail.

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