Craftopia - Season 6

Craftopia - Season 5

Theme-Pop South Asia What the POP!

Inspired by POP SOUTH AISA: “An artistic- explorations in the Popular”

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An Artsy Summer Camp for Kids. This summer, KNMA will offer its popular art classes focusing on the 'pop south Asia' by creating fantastic crafts around the different artworks displayed.

This series of craft will focus on different artistic mediums in context of pop art. The pop artworks are multi-faceted and have various ideas and meanings behind it. However, one visual aspect that embraces all these differences is the artworks popping out with their bold colour palette, the zoomed-in approach of various images, and a commercial-like perspective.

This year let’s engage in art activities uniquely designed for children and get to know more about the pop world by learning the techniques and experimenting with unique mediums.

Pop Calendar – Inspired by Raja Ravi Verma

Learn the distinctive art of calendar making and design your own colourful Pop Calendar featuring vibrant and striking artwork inspired by popular culture, drawing influence from the mythological tales portrayed in a unique way by the celebrated Indian artist; Raja Ravi Verma.

Paper to Petal – Inspired by Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi

Learn the specialized art of making wondrous straw flowers, inspired by the riveting work of Iftikhar’s and Elizabeth’s “Efflorescence” which denotes radiance, the blooming of a flower, and the flowering of a civilization. Create your own vibrant and picturesque paper floral leaves in a shadow box featuring an array of blooms in various hues, perfect for adding a pop of a colour to your décor.

Box of imagination – Inspired by Vivan Sundaram

Inspired by Vivan Sundaram's "touch of brightness," a theatrical set design which features distinguished abstractions, figurations, and vibrant colours in a striking manner, design a unique box of Imagination starring your own distinctive whimsical puppet, utilizing the vibrant and striking colour palette.

The Memory palette – Inspired by Lubna Chowdhary

Inspired by Lubna Chowdhary’s ceramic work “certain times” that celebrates the lushness of coloured glazes and geometric ornamentation, create your own pop clay palette of memory, taking a trip down the memory aisle and uniquely connect it with your own alluring experiences through art.

Paper pulp – Inspire by Vivan Sundaram

Create your own nature paper pulp impressions, taking inspiration from the exquisite work of Vivan Sundaram: “indeterminacy” which comprises of bright colours, abstract patterns, and depicts a sense of play and intensity.

Geometric play – Inspired by Baseera Khan

Inspired by Baseera Khan's captivating plexiglass chandelier, create your own stunning pop disco element to jazz up your space with bustling pop hues. Learn to experiment with a variety of shapes, colours, and patterns and allow your imagination to run free as you envision a form of a pop light chandelier to add to your décor.

Royal Crown inspired by Dhali Al Mamoon

Transport yourself into the world of history by creating your own distinctive bejewelled paper crown through the intricate technique of paper folding, taking inspiration from the ancient Royal Bangladeshi Crowns by Dhali al Mamoon that display morphing layers of light and texture in Pop vibrant colours and unique elaborate patterns.

Colour play inspired by Jeanno Gaussi

Discover the art of creating pop portraits, inspired by the captivating work of Jeanno-Guassi "Family Stories", a collection that features bold and colourful pop portraits of families, each with their own unique story to tell. Experiment with bold colours, graphic shapes, and playful compositions, and create a Pop Portrait of your own.

Surprise Squares inspired by Chitra Ganesh

Capture imagination and awaken the storyteller in you by learning to create your own pop comic strip inspired by Chitra Ganesh’s “Tales of Amnesia”, a fusion of diverse visual styles, cultural references, and storytelling traditions, including comic books, Bollywood cinema, and Hindu mythology. Design your first-ever sequential art narrative using striking popular imagery, vivid colours and bold textures.

Stamp print on Tote Bags/ Stamping Tote inspired by Ashim Purkayastha

Design your own tote bag by creating a unique stamp, drawing inspiration from Ashim Purakayastha, use of farmer portraits on his stamps. Carve the stamp to your desired design, apply ink to it, and imprint and customize your own distinctive pop tote.

Craftopia Season - 5

Season 5 of Craftopia - An Artsy Summer Camp for Kids. This summer, KNMA will offer its popular art classes while keeping health and safety in mind. This year's programme will focus on the nine Rasas and creating fantastic crafts from them.

Craftopia Season - 4

The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) presents Craftopia Season 4 - An Online Artsy Summer Camp for Kids. Keeping in mind health and safety concerns, KNMA will be holding its popular art camp online this summer. This year the camp will focus on the history of art movements mixing interesting historic titbits, with DIYs and crafts to go along. The session will delve into Renaissance Art, Impressionist Art, Contemporary Art and much more.

Craftopia Season - 3

We bring to you a summer filled with fun and art. Join us to learn more about different art & craft techniques for 5 amazing days!.

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Craftopia Season - 2

We bring to you a summer filled with fun and art. Join us to learn more about Indian art & carft for 10 amazing days!.



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