Craftopia - Season 8

Craftopia - Season 8

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Craftopia is proud to present its 8th edition through yet another exhilarating 10-day Summer Art Camp. This time, we promise to take you Around the World in 10 Days :)

Starting from May 28th until June 8th, you will get a chance to explore the world by learning to make native and traditional art and crafts from 10 countries around the globe at KNMA Saket & Noida. Guided by seasoned artists, our interactive sessions will transport you to the heart of each culture, unveiling the stories and significance behind every art form.

Your world art tour itinerary promises to take you to:

• Hungary, to uncover the mystique
of Hungarian Mask Magic

• Italy, to discover Italian
Mosaic Marvels inspired by ancient techniques

• Spain, to dance into the rhythm
of Spanish Flamenco Finesse fans

• France, to create charming
French Clay Charms with a touch of French flair

• Australia, to discover the
spirit of Australian Indigenous Tales through its vibrant colors and symbols

• Poland, to weave the intricate
beauty of Polish Papercut Parade

• UK, to bring cuddly creations
to life at the British Plush Pals workshop

• Switzerland, to capture the
serenity of Swiss Alpine Serenity on paper

• Japan, to let your dreams soar
with Japanese Koinobori Craze

• Bhutan, to experience the meditative
journey of Bhutanese Thangka Tales

What you can expect:

You will delve into the art form's cultural significance with expert instructors.

You will learn hands-on techniques inspired by regional crafts.

You will forge lasting memories and friendships beyond the camp.

Everyday, you will take home your unique creations as treasured souvenirs of your global artistic journey.

Don't miss this opportunity! Reserve your spot today and let your creativity soar.

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